MM Hydraulic Winches

Over 33,000 Mile Marker Self Recovery Hydraulic Winch Systems supplied to the US Army without a single failure relating to manufacturing!



Abused Worldwide by

  • TACOM,
  • BAE Systems,
  • Military Supacat & HMMWV, to mention a few!


Solid State Power!

  • Variable speed line retrieval
  • Advanced operator feedback
  • Traditional problematic solenoids are a thing of the past


Power to move an Army!

After 2 1/2 years of rigorous testing US Military replaces previous well known brand with Mile Marker winches! CAMP DOHA, KUWAIT (March 17, 2003)




  • Fastest 8K in its class
  • Dyneema Synthetic Rope
  • Anodized hawse fairlead
  • Durable powder coated clevis hook
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OTR Metric Tire Size Calculator

OTR Trading made yet another handy application for all the 4x4 extreme fanatics out there. As any 4x4 or car enthusiast should know, when you are dealing with formulas dealing with gear ratios and such - you will need to know the tire diameter in inches. This calculator will offer just that for you and allow you to quickly work out the inches diameter from your metric size of your tires for your 4x4 or your normal road car.

The great part about this calculator is that you can work out any of the data you are missing and so it is not only a tire diameter calculator. Let's start with its basic functionality of working out the tire diamter for your 4x4 vehicle:
You will enter the specifications of your tire (for your P or LT which mean passenger vehicle or light truck or 4x4). For example if you enter LT275/95/R18 into our tire size calculator it would easily tell you that the tire diameter of your 4x4 is 38.6 inches. It will also be able to tell you the section width as well as the section height.

A fantastic feature of this calculator is that it lets you calculate any of the values if you enter the three other values.

This calculator lets you work out the following, all in one!:
- You can solve the section width of your 4x4 light truck / vehicle or normal for your normal road / passenger car.
- You can solve the aspect ration (width) of your 4x4 tires.
- You can solve the rim or mag diameter of your 4x4 wheels.
- You can solve the tire diameter or size of your 4x4 wheels.
- Lastly, you can solve the section height of your 4x4 trucks tires.

This is a calculator that no 4x4 extreme or 4x4 hobbyist should be without as it will make life a breeze when it comes to doing your gear ratio and other calculations that require these details for your 4x4 vehicle.
We hope you enjoy this 4x4 'off the road' tire size calculator.

If you are interested in 4x4 off road tires, 4x4 mags or rims as well as 4x4 winches, accessories or even on road tires, be sure to visit our site!

Downlaod the OTR Metric Tire Size Calculator